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Mini Track Chair: Dr. Burak Erkut - Institute for Research in Economic and Fiscal Issues located in Paris, France. [Download not found] In the contemporary global context, digitalization has interesting impacts on the way countries are governed, but the relationship between digital governance and economic activities has not yet been fully assessed or understood. The previous problem of “pretence of knowledge”, i.e. governments pretending that they know what people want, changes to a problem of “plethora of knowledge”, i.e. governments do not know where to start understanding and addressing preferences. In this context, the impact of digital governance on the economic activities of individuals can be both a curse and a blessing. The aim of this mini track is to deepen the analysis and development of the multilevel relation between digitalization, (digital) citizens and (digital) governments from an innovation economic perspective. We aim to better understand the evolution of this complex relation towards a new reality. Both researchers and practitioners are welcome to offer their perspectives on the role of digitalization and digital governance in an economic context. Theoretical and practical papers are invited to this mini-track and potential topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Digital government vs. digital governance
  • People and digital governance – understanding perceptions, designing action plans
  • Emerging trends in digital governance and participation
  • Empirical evidence from digital governance cases and their impacts on economy
  • e-Participation, e-Democracy, IoT, smart cities, digital infrastructure and digitalization of the sectors of economy
In this mini-track we welcome theoretical, conceptual and empirical papers investigating the issues and implications of Sustainability (SSCI & Scopus, Impact around 2,75) Also, a special issue on these themes is being proposed for 2019 in the Journal Sustainability, published by MDPI