ECDG Biographies

Below are the ECDG Biographies of the Conference and Programme Chairs, Key Note Speakers and Mini-Track Chairs.

Conference Chairs


Asst. Prof. Dr.Tuğberk Kaya completed his PhD studies on 'Innovation & Knowledge Management'. Kaya is an assistant professor doctor in the Department of Management Information Systems at Cyprus International University. He is a member of board of e-government management committee which works under the prime ministry. Kaya is also a fellow at the Institute for Research in Economic and Fiscal Issues. His professional interests are ‘e-government', ‘knowledge management’, ‘social media’ and ‘process innovation’. Kaya is also co-founder and Corporate Communications Manager of the ‘Can Kid’ and ‘Cans of Hopes’ project, which is funded by the European Union.

Key Note Speakers


Mete Yildiz is a tenured professor of public administration and policy in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey. He received his Ph.D. from Indiana University, Bloomington’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs in 2004. Among the topics he studies and publishes on are government reform, e-government, public policy, local governments and comparative public administration. He recently served as a consultant to the Turkish Government during the preparation of the National E-Government Strategy and Action Plan.

Mini Track Chairs


Dr. Burak Erkut studied economics and management science at Leipzig University and did his PhD at TU Dresden. He is a fellow of the Institute for Research in Economic and Fiscal Issues (IREF) Paris, France.

Workshop Facilitators