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ECGBL 2011
20-21 October, Athens, Greece
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Proceedings of ECGBL 2011
The 5th European Conference on Games Based Learning
held at The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
on 20-21 October 2011

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 The Contents of the Proceedings are shown below. If you would like to download and read the Abstracts of the papers presented at the Conference, please click here.

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Biographies of Conference Chairs, Programme Chair, Keynote Speaker and Mini-track Chairs



Biographies of contributing authors



The use of Games-Based Learning Within the Curriculum for Excellence: The Teachers’ Perspective

Aishah Abdul Razak, Thomas Connolly and Thomas Hainey


Tactical Incident Commander - an Online Training Game for Incident Commander Training

Per Backlund, Anna-Sofia Alklind Taylor, Urban Carlén, Henrik Engström, Mikael Johannesson, Mikael Lebram and Marcus Toftedahl


Multivariate Assessment of Motivation and Emotion in Digital Educational Games

Michael Bedek, Paul Seitlinger, Simone Kopeinik and Dietrich Albert


Designing Serious Games for Education: From Pedagogical Principles to Game Mechanisms

Francesco Bellotti, Michela Ott, Sylvester Arnab,, Riccardo Berta, Sara de Freitas, Kristian Kiili and Alessandro De Gloria


World of Warcraft in the Classroom: A Research Study on Social Interaction Empowerment in Secondary Schools

Andrea Benassi, Caterina Orlandi, Matteo Cantamesse, Carlo Galimberti and Gianandrea Giacoma


Specifying Collaborative Tools in Game-Based Learning Environments: Clues From the Trenches

Mathieu Bodin, Jean-Charles Marty, and Thibault Carron


Putting Edutainment in Practice: From Courseware Authoring to Logic Games

Boyan Bontchev, Dessislava Vassileva and Vania Traicheva


What Does it Mean to be a Game Literate Teacher? Interviews With Teachers who Translate Games Into Educational Practice

Jeroen Bourgonjon and Thorkild Hanghoi


Close the gap - Obstacles and Solutions for the Missing Educational Games in Graduate Education

Thomas Bröker, Heinrich Söbke and Oliver Kornadt


Conceptual and Technical Frameworks for Serious Games

Bruno Capdevila Ibáñez, Bertrand Marne and Jean-Marc Labat


Using Profiling to Optimise a Collaborative Session in a Learning Game

Thibault Carron and Jean-Charles Marty


Learning Chemistry Through Inquiry With the Game Legends of Alkhimia: An Evaluation of Learning Outcomes

Yam San Chee, Kim Chwee Daniel Tan, Ek Ming Tan and Mingfong Jan


Digital Game Literacy: The Difference Between Parents and Their Children

Tsung-Yen Chuang, Nian-Shing Chen, Ming-Puu Chen, Chun-Yi Shen and Chia-Min Tsai


The Golden Rules and the Blue Ocean Strategy of the Next Generation Innovative MMOG and Computer Game Environment Design

Basel Dayyani


Comparing the Potential of Commercial Off-The-Shelf and Educational Video Games for Adult Foreign Language Education: An Experimental Study

Frederik De Grove, Jan Van Looy and Peter Mechant


Playing in School or at Home? An Exploration of the Effects of Context on Educational Game Experience

Frederik De Grove, Jan Van Looy, Joyce Neys and Jeroen Jansz


Utilising an Educational Framework for the Development of Edutainment Scenarios

Ioannis Deliyannis, Andreas Giannakoulopoulos and Iraklis Varlamis


The Place, Role and Importance of Motor Games in the Physical Education Lesson for Secondary School Pupils

Mircea Dragu Corina Dobrota and Constantin Ploeşteanu


Gaming for Sustainability: An Overview

Carlo Fabricatore and Ximena López


Assessing how Game-Based Learning is Perceived in Irish Education

Patrick Felicia


Accreditation! The Responsive Curriculum Game

Rachel Forsyth, Nicola Whitton and Peter Whitton


PCARD: Integrating Games Into Classrooms

Aroutis Foster and Mamta Shah


Advantages and Disadvantages of Storytelling in Teaching English at Academic Level: A Case Study in the University of Ploiesti, Romania

Cristina Gafu and Mihaela Badea


What Makes a Good Serious Game – Conceptual Approach Towards a Metadata Format for the Description and Evaluation of Serious Games

Stefan Göbel and Michael Gutjahr


Gender Differences in Motivations for Playing Computer Games: A Combined Analysis of Three Studies

Thomas Hainey, Elizabeth Boyle, Thomas Connolly and Mark Stansfield


Motivations for Playing Computer Games at Tertiary Education Level: A Comparison of Further Education and Higher Education Computing Students

Thomas Hainey, Thomas Connolly, Liz Boyle and Mark Stansfield


Do Students Trained Using Serious Games Become Better Sales Representatives? An Experiment to Study the Performance of Academic Serious Games

Joseph Heili and Hélène Michel


Influence of Learning Styles on the Acceptance of Game Based Learning in Higher Education: Experiences With a Role Playing Simulation Game

Michael Herzog, and Elisabeth Katzlinger



Outdoor Initiative Games Using Mobile Digital Devices – a Preliminary Game Design

Hanno Hildmann and Jule Hildmann


Towards Cultural Diversity Through Sports and Games

Jule Hildmann and Güneş Turan


Student Behaviors and Evaluations of Collaborative Learning Game

Jason Holdsworth and Siu Man Lui


What can Breakdowns and Breakthroughs Tell us About Learning and Involvement Experienced During Game-Play?

Ioanna Iacovides, James Aczel, Eileen Scanlon and Will Woods


Playability Design Pattern in Educational Video Game

Amer Ibrahim, Francisco Gutiérrez Vela, José Luís González Sánchez and Natalia Padilla Zea


Camaraderie, Cognition, and Meta-Cognate: Unpacking Trajectories of Becoming in WoW

Azilawati Jamaludin, Mi Song Kim and David Hung


Can Games Based Learning Assist Teachers in Achieving the Aims of Curriculum to Bilingual Students of Different Ethnic Minorities?

Konstantinos Kalemis


User-Generated AI in Sports Education

Harri Ketamo, Cimmo Nurmi and Kimmo Kallama


Experiences With an Approach to an Unobtrusive Assessment of Motivational States in Immersive, Narrative Learning Environments

Michael Kickmeier-Rust, Elke Mattheiss and Dietrich Albert


Designing Educational Exertion Games for Young Children

Antti Koivisto, Kristian Kiili and Arttu Perttula


Towards an Analysis of Cooperative Learning-Behaviour in Social Dilemma Games

Johannes Konert, Viktor Wendel, Stefan Göbel and Ralf Steinmetz


Designing a Large Multi-Player Simulation Game to Encourage Reflection and Critical Debate

Stefan Kreitmayer, Stephen Peake, Robin Laney and Yvonne Rogers


The Importance of Humans in Simulation: Allowing the Lure of Technology to Drive Development

Colin Lemmon, Siu Man Lui, Vincent Ho and John Hamilton


Can Autobiographical Memories Create Better Learning? The Case of a Scary Game

Andreas Lieberoth and Frank Allan Hansen


Story Decorated Learning Activity Generation in a Context-Aware Mobile Role Playing Game

Chris Lu, Maiga Chang, Kinshuk, Echo Huang, and Ching-Wen Chen


Computer Role-Playing Games as an Educational Game Genre: Activities and Reflection

Dennis Maciuszek and Alke Martens


Supporting Learning Role-Play Games Design: A Methodology and Visual Formalism for Scenarios Description

Christelle Mariais, Florence Michau, Jean-Philippe Pernin, and Nadine Mandran


Peer Group Learning During the Board Game Sessions

Päivi Marjanen, Ilkka Mönkkönen and Maija Vanhala


Introducing Component-Based Templates Into a Game Authoring Tool

Florian Mehm, Stefan Göbel and Ralf Steinmetz


Pass go Quickly: Use of a Board Game to Provide Efficient and Effective Training in Course Design Concepts

Alex Moseley


Massively Multiplayer Online Games as Activity Systems: The Relationship between Motivation, Performance and Community

Sofia Mysirlaki and Fotini Paraskeva


Edutainment in Virtual Environments: An Academy Supporting Collaborative Learning in Second Life

Christina Oikonomou and Agis Papantoniou


Assessing Game Experiences Caused by Educational Collaborative Game

Kimmo Oksanen and Raija Hämäläinen


Can we use Existing Pedagogical Specifications to Design Mixed Reality Learning Games?

Charlotte Orliac, Sébastien George, Christine Michel and Patrick Prévôt


Games’ Usability and Learning – the Educational Videogame BeTheManager!

Spyros Papaloukas, Kiriakos Patriarcheas and Michalis Xenos


Best Practices in the use of Managerial Simulation Games-Based Learning

Jindra Peterková


User Centred Design and Development of an Educational Force-Feedback Haptic Game for Blind Students

Maria Petridou, Peter Blanchfield, Reham Alabadi1and Tim Brailsford


Educational Applications of Serious Games: The Case of the Game Food Force in Primary Education Students

Provelengios Petros and Fesakis Georgios


Serious Games in Formal Education: Discussing Some Critical Aspects

Maria Popescu, Sylvester Arnab, Riccardo Berta, Jeffrey Earp, Sara de Freitas, Margarida Romero, Ioana Stanescu and Mireia Usart


Teaching Information and Communication Technology With Digital Games

Nikolaos Prassos, Stavros Sachtouris and Tsampika Karakiza


Engaging Students in Developing a Stereoscopic 3D Educational History Game

Vyzantinos Repantis and Sophia Delidaki


Reflective Flow in Digital Games

Lorenzo Romeo and Manuela Cantoia


An Analysis of the Motivations for Playing Computer Games in a Secondary Education Context: A Comparison With Higher Education

Eleni Rossiou and Thomas Hainey


Teachers Roles in Serious Games: Incorporating Serious Games in the Classroom of Students With Intellectual Disabilities

Maria Saridaki, Constantina Avlami and Constantinos Mourlas


A Survey of Students’ Improved Mastery of Game Playing Skills Through Informal Online Game-Based Learning

Jim Scullion, Mark Stansfield and Thomas Connolly


KanjiLearningLab: Memorizing Kanji in a Playful Way

Tobias Sehlberg, Wolmet Barendregt and Neil Rubens


The Effectiveness of Game-Based Learning on Students’ Mnemonic Techniques and Perceptions

Chun-Yi Shen, Ming-Puu Chen, Nian-Shing Chen, Tsung-Yen Chuang, and Ya-Ching Huang


Game-Based Assessment and the Effect on Test Anxiety: A Case Study

Jarka Smits and Nathalie Charlier


Settings Goals in Psychology Serious Game for Preschool Children

Agnieszka Szczesna, Tomasz Grudzinski and Jakub Grudzinskid


Designing a 3D Collaborative Game to Support Game Based Learning

Theodouli Terzidou and Thrasyvoulos Tsiatsos


The Synergy of Three: Incorporating Games, Multimedia and Programming in Order to Improve Algorithmic Skills

Angeliki Theodosi and Vassilis Papadimitriou


A Case Study in Educational Game Designing: Junior Chemists in Action! An Educational Live Action Role Playing Game (LARP) Analysis With a Computer-Based Learning Element

Eleni Timplalexi


Digital Games Evaluation and Educational Assessment - a Review and Proposal for an Open Methodological Framework (OMEGA)

Panagiotis Tragazikis, Sotiris Kirginas, Dimitris Gouscos, and Michalis Meimaris


Alleviating the Entrance to Serious Games by Exploring the use of Commonly Available Tools

Peter van Rosmalen, Roland Klemke and Wim Westera


Using Video Games and Brain Training Software to Modulate Human Time Perception

Dionysia Verriopoulou and Argiro Vatakis


What Happens off the Field? Proposing a Rhetorical Approach of the Affinity Spaces Surrounding Games

Joachim Vlieghe, Jeroen Bourgonjon, Kris Rutten and Ronald Soetaert


Digital Games in an age of Austerity

Nicola Whitton


Evaluation of Introducing Programming to Younger School Children Using a Computer Game Making Tool

Amanda Wilson, Thomas Connolly, Thomas Hainey, and David Moffat


Game Based Learning in Entrepreneurship: The Academic Business Planner

Charalambos Xinaris, Adonis Kourtellis, Alexandros Kakouris and P Georgiadis


METAFORA Learning Approach Processes Contributing to Students’ Meaning Generation in Science Learning

Smyrnaiou Zacharoula, Moustaki Foteini and Kynigos Chronis


PhD Papers



The Optimal Level of Children’s Participation in the Design of Games-Based Learning

Matthew Bates, David Brown, Wayne Cranton and James Lewis


Play to Become a Leader and a Citizen of the World: ARGs as Teaching Spaces for Personal and Social Change

Natasha Boskic


Peer Collaboration, Facilitator Intervention, and Learning Styles in Computer Game-Based Learning: Initial Findings From an Empirical Study

Shiffon Chatterjee, Atasi Mohanty and Bani Bhattacharya


Dynamic Virtual Learning Landscapes to Enhance Student Reflective Processes

Barry Herbert, Darryl Charles, Michael McNeill, Adrian Moore and M Charles


Merging Digital and Urban Play Spaces: Learning by Playing and Creating Location-Based Games in Secondary Education

Jantina Huizenga, Wilfried Admiraal and Geert ten Dam


I Play, Therefore I Create: Constructionist Video Games for Empowered Communities of Learners

Vittorio Marone


A Review of Scaffolding Approaches in Game-Based Learning Environments

Javier Melero, Davinia Hernández-Leo and Josep Blat


Leadership in a Networked World: The Case of Massive Multiplayer Online Environments

Sofia Mysirlaki


Work in Progress papers



Model of Firearms Simulator Based on a Serious Game and Sensor Technology

Dimitar Bogatinov, Slavko Angelevski and Vladimir Trajkovik


Using Digital Games to Teach the Hero's Journey as a Model for Change and Innovation Management 

Carsten Busch, Florian Conrad and Martin Steinicke


Non Verbal Behavior Analysis in Gaming and Game Based Learning

George Caridakis and Kostas Karpouzis


Exploring the Benefits of Digital Interactive Games on People’s Health

Patsi Charikleia, Panagiotis Antoniou, Sofia Batsiou, Evaggelos Bebetsos and Antonis Lymnioudis


Early Childhood Post-Educated Teachers’ Views and Intentions About Using Digital Games in the Classroom

Dionissios Manessis


Concept of a Gaming Platform for Domain-Specific User-Created Content

Heinrich Söbke, Christiane Hadlich, Thomas Bröker and Oliver Kornadt


The Investigation of the Influence of Exergames on the Balance of Deaf Children

Nikolaos Tzanetakos, Panagiotis Antoniou, Marina Papastergiou and Nikos Vernadakis


Model of Social Believable NPCs for Teacher Training

Harko Verhagen, Magnus Johansson and Mirjam Eladhari


Learning by Playing

Thomas Wernbacher, Michael Wagner, Doris Rusch and Joerg Hofsstaetter


A Pilot Survey Investigating Trainee Doctors Attitudes to the use of Serious Games in Musculoskeletal Disease Education

Andrew Wilson, Andrew Filer, David Carruthers and Stephen Young


Non Academic Papers



Integrating Game Mechanics and Pedagogy: The Design and Production of Prospero, an Exploratory Speech Production Game

Matthew Jewell


A Letter - A Story: Interactive Games Digital Environment as Part of a Multimedia Learning Package

Sophia Mandouvalou and Aristarchos Papadaniel




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