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The European Conference on e-Government (ECEG), now in it’s 14th year, offers a forum for academics, researchers and practitioners working in this important field, whether at micro or macro levels. ECEG provides a forum for discussion, exploration and development of both theoretical and practical aspects of e-Government and a chance to network with others working and researching in this area.


Current European Conference on e-Government

ECEG 2014

The 14th European Conference on e-Government
Spiru Haret University

Faculty of Legal and Administrative Sciences

Brasov, Romania

12-13 June 2014


Carmen Costea
2014 Conference Chair

Alexandru Ionas
2014 Programme Chair

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Future European Conferences on e-Government

ECEG 2015

The 15th European Conference on e-Government
University of Portsmouth

Portsmouth, UK


8-19 June 2015




If you would be interested in hosting ECEG, please read the hosting document and email Sue Nugus, Conferences Director, for more information.




Past European Conferences on e-Government

ECEG 2013 The 13th European Conference on e-Government
Department of Theoretical and Applied Sciences 

Università dell'Insubria

Como, Italy
13-14 June 2013


Walter Castelnovo
2013 Conference Chair

Elena Ferrari
2013 Programme Chair


ECEG 2012 The 12th European Conference on e-Government
Institute of Public Governance and Management

ESADE Barcelona - Campus Sant Cugat,

Barcelona, Spain

14-15 June 2012

Tamyko Ysa
2012 Conference Chair

Mila Gascó
2012 Programme Chair


ECEG 2011 The 11th European Conference on e-Government
Faculty of Administration,

University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
16-17 June 2011

Maja Klun
2012 Conference Chair

Mitja Decman
2012 Programme Co-Chair

Tina Jukić
2012 Programme Co-Chair

ECEG 2010 The 10th European Conference on e-Government
National Centre for Taxation Studies,

University of Limerick, Ireland
17-18 June 2010

Pat Molan
2011 Conference Co-Chair

Tom Collins
2011 Conference Co-Chair

David O’Donnell
2011 Programme Chair

ECEG 2009: The 9th European Conference on e-Government
Westminster Business School, University of Westminster, London, UK
29-30 June 2009

Panos Hahamis
2009 Conference Chair

Dan Remenyi
2009 Programme Chair

ECEG 2008: The 8th European Conference on e-Government
Ecole Polytechnique, Lausanne, Switzerland
10-11 July 2008

Matthias Finger
2008 Conference Chair

Panos Hahamis
2008 Programme Chair

ECEG 2007: The 7th European Conference on e-Government
Haagse Hogeschool, Den Haag, The Netherlands
21-22 June 2007

Paul Nixon
2007 Conference Chair

Rajesh Rawal
2007 Programme Chair

ECEG 2006: The 6th European Conference on e-Government
Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany
27-28 April 2006

Paul Alpar
2006 Conference Chair

Dan Remenyi
2006 Programme Chair

ECEG 2005: The 5th European Conference on e-Government
University of Antwerp, Belgium
16-17 June 2005



Dan Remenyi
2005 Programme Chair







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