ECSM Practical Information

Registered participants will receive specific joining instructions two weeks before the conference. In the meantime, we hope you find the following, more general, ECSM 2017 Practical Information helpful.

Conference Location

Mykolas Romeris University

Ateities st. 20
2nd Entrance
Vilnius, Lithuania

Tel.: +370 5 2714

Key locations for ECSM 2017 are shown on the Google map.

A campus map can be found here.

Conference Location


University Information

Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) is the leading university in social sciences and interdisciplinary research in Lithuania. Currently MRU enrols approximately 13.000 students and employs over 700 academic staff. MRU offers more than 100 doctoral, master and bachelor study programmes; over 80% of them have international accreditation. About 200 doctoral students study in the fields of law, management, psychology, philology, economics, and education science.

MRU is structured within the Faculty of Economics and Finance Management, Faculty of Politics and Management, Faculty of Social Welfare, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Public Security and Business and Media School. Research and innovation are implemented at the Social Innovations Laboratory Network MRU LAB.  MRU fosters the culture of research and innovation: carries out fundamental and applied research, takes part in national and international research programmes and projects, engages in contracted research, implements Ph.D. studies, and organizes academic and mobility events. MRU research and innovation is carried out in the framework of the interdisciplinary priority research area Social Innovations for Global Growth and 5 research programmes: Justice, Security and Human Rights; Social Technologies; Sustainable Growth in the Context of Globalization; Improving the Quality of Life and Advancing Employment Opportunities; Continuity and Change of Values in Global Society.

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Local Information

Vilnius, as the capital of Lithuania is the largest and one of the most beautiful cities in the country. The historical Centre of Vilnius (old town) was globally acknowledged due to its exceptionality and was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The President’s Office, the Parliament, the Government, diplomatic missions, embassies, cultural and educational institutions are all based in Vilnius. The city has many names, many faces and many mysteries. And, indeed, Vilnius is like a miniature Europe in one town and you can find here everything – from Italian Baroque to Russian Orthodox churches, from German Gothic to Austrian Rococo architecture and traces of the Jewish past. It is a city, where one street can tell you a thousand stories. The population of Vilnius is about 0.5 million. It is home to people of different ethnic backgrounds out of which Lithuanians represent about 57%, Poles – 19%, Russians – 14%, Belarussians – 4%, Jews – 1%, and the remaining 5% represent other ethnic backgrounds. Vilnius is situated 300 km to the East of the Baltic seashore at the confluence of two rivers surrounded by beautiful hills. State language is Lithuanian, one of the oldest spoken languages in the world.

For tourist information click here.

Vilnius maps click here.

Getting to ECSM

The local airport is Vilnius International Airport(VNO).

It is 7 kms away from the city centre, which is a 15 minutes drive, or 7 minute Train ride.

The local train station is Lietuvos Geležinkeliai which operates to major destinations.

Conference Accommodation

We are now working with a specialist agency to offer a range of hotels for all ACPIL conferences, with prices lower than many online booking engines. You will find a number of hotels at various prices, but the designated Conference Hotel for ECSM is to be confirmed.  This is usually where pre-conference drinks are held and where any transportation required for the conference dinner will run from.

To arrange accommodation please visit: ACPI Accommodation

Conference Dinner

Conference Dinner

The Conference dinner will be confirmed soon.

Your registration fee includes a place for you at the Conference dinner. You are welcome to bring a guest at the cost of £50. Please see the registration page to book a guest or contact

Optional Post Conference Tours

Join us after the Conference for 3 Optional tours

The city tour of Vilnius will take place on Tuesday 4th July 2017.

VilniusVilnius is the capital of Lithuania.  Vilnius' Old Town is among the most extensive in the Eastern Europe, occupying total 359 hectares. It contains about 1500 buildings. UNESCO included Vilnius Old Town on the World Culture Heritage List because of its unique mixture of the different architecture styles represented. Such churches as St. Anne's, St. Peter's-and-Paul's, the Cathedral are real masterpieces of architecture. Be sure to visit the courtyards of the oldest University in Eastern Europe, founded in 1579, Gediminas Castle which offers a spectacular view of the entire city, the Gates of Dawn, the Amber Gallery etc.

The tour will begin at 16:00, meeting at the Cathedral Square, and will take 3.5 hours to complete.

The Tour  will include:

  • Professional English speaking guide
  •  Entrance fee to Vilnius University
  • Air conditioned transport for the sightseeing

The city tour of Vilnius will cost of €25 per person. It will only run with a minimum of 5 people.

To see the full Vilnius city tour outline click the link:  ECSM 2017 Vilnius city tour outline

To book on this trip please email quoting ECSM17 city tour. This Booking needs to be made by 27.06.2017.

The Tour to Trakai will take place on Tuesday 4th July 2017.

trakaiThe former capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, 27 km to the west of Vilnius, is a favourite place for an outing. The Trakai Castle situated on an island in the midst of Lake Galve is the most famous and most photographed castle in Lithuania. The five-storey, redbrick fortifications were constructed by the Grand Duke Vytautas in the second half of 14th century. Their descendants, the Karaites - a Turkish ethnic group - still give the royal town its distinctive touch.

The tour will begin at 16:00, meeting at the Cathedral Square, and will take 3.5 hours to complete.

The Tour  will include:

  • Air conditioned transport for the sightseeing
  • Professional English speaking guide
  • Entrance fee to Trakai Castle

The city tour of Vilnius will cost of €35 per person. It will only run with a minimum of 5 people

To see the full Trakai Tour outline click the link: ECSM 2017 Trakai tour outline

To book on this trip please email quoting ECSM17 Trakai tour. This Booking needs to be made by 20.06.2017.

The 3 day tour to the Capital City Latvia - Riga will take place from Wednesday 5th July to 7th July 2017.

rigaThis 3 day tour will start  at 9:00 on the 5th July 2017 from the conference hotel (TBC)

Day 1- We will start the tour stoping in Rundale to visit the Rundale Palace a baroque and rococo style and French-style park, staying to lunch in Rundale. Then continue the journey to Riga.

Day 2- Once in Riga there will be a sightseeing tour of the Old Town of Riga . You can see the merchant houses, guilds and churches, historic buildings, not to mention the medieval town walls, dating back to the 13th century. The Powder Tower is one of the oldest buildings in Riga, we will also see the Swedish Gate, Riga Castle, "The Three Brothers" House, St. Jacobs Church and, of course, the Dome Cathedral. We will dine in a city restaurant for lunch, followed by a wooden boat trip through Riga‘s canals. Dinner in elegant modern restaurant Kalku Varti.

Day 3- On the final day we will travel to Siauliai - the fourth largest city of Lithuania. It is famous victory over the Theutonic knights at Saule, much of the town was destroyed by wars and fire over the centuries. Though much of the Old Town has vanished, the bustling and fascinating pedestrianised Vilnius Street can still be seen, as well the St. Peter's and Paul's Church. The 750th anniversary of the battle of Saule was commemorated by the erection of a 21 metre high sundial, capped by an archer in gilded bronze. 7 km to the north is the Jurgaiciai mound and the unforgettable Hill of Crosses. The first of the hundreds of crosses which honour the dead were planted after the tragic peasant rebellion of 1863. Lunch near Siauliai and departure to Vilnius.

This trip will include:

  • 3 x overnight/breakfast in 4* hotels: 2 x Riga, 1 x Vilnius
  • Full board (3 lunches and 2 dinners)
  • Air conditioned transport for the sightseeing tours according to the program
  • English speaking escort and local guides for all trip
  • Entrance fee to Rundale Palace and Dome Church in Riga.

To see the full Riga Tour outline click the link: ECSM 2017 Riga Tour

The 3 day trip to Riga will cost of €460 per person for a double room and €570 for a single. It will only run with a minimum of 10 people.

To book on this trip please email quoting ECSM17 3 day Riga tour. This Booking needs to be made by 01.06.2017.

Key locations on Google Maps

Key locations for the 4th European Conference on Social Media - ECSM in Vilnius, Lithuania are shown on this google map: