ECSM Keynote Speaker and Panel Outlines

Keynote Outlines

The following are outlines for the Keynote Speeches which will take place at ECSM 2017.

Dr. Edgaras Leichteris

Society in the cloud - what is the future of digitalization, 

Dr. Edgaras Leichteris, CEO Lithuanian robotics association

What we can observe in Europe for a while is a clear trend towards digitalisation. With EU Digital Agenda and supporting measures, “digital” became an answer, but to what question? Internet of things, cloud technologies and massive digitalisation of industry, e-Government and e-commerce solutions creates also new tensions for the new e-citizen, which is only one step from constant attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Future foresights using participatory citizen engagement methods show, that technologies dominate in the “apocalyptical” future scenarios, while “green, ecological, slow” tend to represent desirable futures. What challenges and opportunities presents digitalization and how to turn that into our advantage?

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Daiva Lialytė,

Practical point of view: push or pull strategy works on social media?

Daiva Lialytė, founder and CEO Integrity PR

Recently it is unnecessary to mention that social media changed personal lives of many of us irrevocably. Some of us are addicted to SM, some of us are very active communicators, some of us are just silent observers, some of us use it as convenient tool, some of us still are trying to deny it’s power…Created as network for people communication and socializing, social media also attracted organizations, corporations, brands and other entities to become active members on it. First years (approximately from 2005) being in social media for above mentioned entities was golden age. There were no any strict requirements how brands can act and how they communicate on social media. There were no any restrictions for mostly any advertising or other “push” type of communication. Unfortunately, only advanced innovative organizations and few early users were so brave and smart to start communicate in social media and take all advantages from it at that times.   Few years later (approximately rom 2010) many of entities had rushed to be in one or another social media outlet, if not in all possible at that times. With this hype for entities to be on SM, followed rules and more and more tight requirements what brands and organizations are allowed to do in social media. And also have emerged an understanding that not all tools of push marketing strategy what was used so effectively is working in SM. Current situation is tricky -  social media wants to monetize each step of entities, meanwhile latter still hesitating to devote appropriate financial and time resources. Also brands desperately are looking for suitable tone how to communicate and how engage their friends and followers. Let’s talk about what is working and what is not in social media.

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