ECIE Workshop

Pre Conference Workshop - Wednesday 20th September 2017

14:30 - 17:30

Micro-Entrepreneurship: New research avenues and collaboration.  Presented by Matti Muhos, University of Oulu, Finland

pre-conf-workshop-picThis workshop aims at establishing a platform for new research avenues for micro-enterprise focused researchers and practitioners. In this workshop, we will explore new avenues for applying micro-entrepreneurship research. The workshop includes a presentation by adjunct professor Matti Muhos and inspirational introductions from selected researchers. The workshop will discuss the key challenges, solutions and empirically-based examples of how academic research meets practice in micro-entrepreneurship. We invite participants interested in micro-enterprises and micro-entrepreneurs facing new European and global challenges to attend. Each participant will be asked to briefly present his / her research approaches to and experiences of conducting micro-entrepreneurship research. Discussions during the workshop seek to find new avenues for European micro-entrepreneurship research. From the workshop we hope to promote new research collaborations and build international, multi-disciplinary research consortiums.

The workshop is organized by the Micro-entrepreneurship research group MicroENTRE at University of Oulu, Finland (,

Workshop Application details:
The workshops will be held on 20th September 2017 at Novancia Business School, Paris, France.
The attendance fee is £30 for those attending ECIE and £60 for those not attending the conference.
For more information about this workshop and to book a place please contact:

Download workshop outlines here - ECIE 2017