ECIE Workshop

2 Pre Conference Workshops - Wednesday 20th September 2017

Kenotomy: The skills of Original Thinking
Micro-Entrepreneurship: New research avenues and collaboration


Kenotomy: The skills of Original Thinking.  Led by Professor George Teodorescu, Danubius Academic Consortium, Merano, Italy 

School and university education focuses on the transfer of knowledge and preparing students to manage and improve existing concepts, using generally accepted approaches. Only a few dare to look beyond these approaches.  Although there is no doubt that original thinking is considered useful, it is generally seen as an extracurricular or personal option.  As a result, the number of individuals able to think and work in an an original, disruptive way, delivering break through ideas are few and far between.

Introducing Kenotomy*,   The art of Original Thinking

There is a need for a different approach to creativity that can address it as a central aptitude for processing knowledge into an unexpected outcome.  Kenotomy recognizes creativity as an inborn human talent without the layers of inherent and acquired inhibitions. It  stimulates the predisposition to challenge the frame of established understanding, facilitating an aptitude to fathom the unknown. It leads to stimulating creativity, introducing skills for  speculating knowledge, discovering and experimenting with new approaches, concepts and solutions. All this is done within a Creativity Space that facilitates a development of the original conceptual outcome.

The goal of Kenotomy is to build the aptitude for disruptive conceptualisation and the ability for inventive thinking.  Kenotomy should become a standard curricula topic for students in any domain related to addressing and solving problems.  It has spectacular results for young professionals too, stimulating their creativity and enabling them to surpass the routine by perceiving the surrounding reality with a fresh look and playful mind. Kenotomy, the way of original, different thinking, is an essential trigger in the process of innovation.

This Workshop introduces Kenotomy as a disruptive approach to knowledge acquisition and management and suggests different ways of addressing problems and exploring the methodology of inducing a creative thinking mode.

*Kenotomy ( greek καινοτομία = original thinking)

14:30 - 17:30

Micro-Entrepreneurship: New research avenues and collaboration.  Presented by Matti Muhos, University of Oulu, Finland

pre-conf-workshop-picThis workshop aims at establishing a platform for new research avenues for micro-enterprise focused researchers and practitioners. In this workshop, we will explore new avenues for applying micro-entrepreneurship research. The workshop includes a presentation by adjunct professor Matti Muhos and inspirational introductions from selected researchers. The workshop will discuss the key challenges, solutions and empirically-based examples of how academic research meets practice in micro-entrepreneurship. We invite participants interested in micro-enterprises and micro-entrepreneurs facing new European and global challenges to attend. Each participant will be asked to briefly present his / her research approaches to and experiences of conducting micro-entrepreneurship research. Discussions during the workshop seek to find new avenues for European micro-entrepreneurship research. From the workshop we hope to promote new research collaborations and build international, multi-disciplinary research consortiums.

The workshop is organized by the Micro-entrepreneurship research group MicroENTRE at University of Oulu, Finland (,

Workshop Application details:
The workshops will be held on 20th September 2017 at Novancia Business School, Paris, France.
The attendance fee is £30 for those attending ECIE and £60 for those not attending the conference.
For more information about this workshop and to book a place please contact:

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